September 2014: The Neurophenols team will presenting at the BENEFIQ, an international forum on health ingredients, which will be held on September 24-25th 2014 in Québec City.

Juin 2014: Alexandre Dal-Pan, Post-doc researcher at INAF, has participated at ISANH Congress at Lisbonne, the june 5th 2014.

December 2013: Nutrineuro laboratory has participated at the last meeting of the Institute of Nutrition Aquitaine Québec (INAQ), the december 10th 2013, in Bordeaux.

October 2013: Julien Bensalem, ACTIV’INSIDE PhD student linked to NUTRINEURO laboratory, won a Young Investigator Award at the " 6th International Congress on Polyphenols and Health" (ICPH6), in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the october 19th 2013.

May 2013: The Neurophenols Project was awarded for the Prix Agrimip des Lycéens 2013. This award is given to honor collaborative projects between scientific, technological, industrial and organizational large groups and academic research, in France (Aquitaine, Bretagne, Pays de la Loire) and Canada (Québec).

Academic partners


UMR NutriNeuro (INRA and Bordeaux University) :

The laboratory of Nutrition and integrated Neurobiology, NutriNeuro, studies the impact of nutrition on brain functions and on the development of mood and cognition disorders. This laboratory is specifically composed of a "Nutrition, nuclear receptors and brain aging" team. To learn more about UMR NutriNeuro, click here.

INAF (Laval University, Québec City, CA) :

The Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods is the largest group of researchers in Canada exclusively devoted to the complex interactions between food, their components, nutrition, and health. INAF offers an innovative multidisciplinary research program and supports the development of effective and safe food products to improve health and to prevent chronic diseases. To learn more about INAF, click here.

INRS-IAF (Laval, CA) :

The National Institute of Scientific Research-Institut Armand-Frappier works on the neurotoxic mechanisms induced by various types of pro-oxidants and their effects in the brain. In parallel, the protective effects of antioxidants of various origins (endogenous, nutraceutical, nutritional) are studied. At the molecular level, the Institute also analyzes the impact of pro-oxidant and antioxidant compounds on the regulation of nuclear transcription factors, which are sensitive to intracellular redox potential. To learn more about INRS-IAF, click here. cliquez ici.

Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire Agroalimentaire et de l’Alimentation ONIRIS (Nantes, FR) :

National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering ONIRIS (Nantes, FR): The laboratory of Professor Nguyen has one of the most advanced European research teams in the field of nutrition and metabolism of dogs and cats (pathophysiology, oxidative stress, bioactive compounds, animal models, obesity, dyslipidemia, omega3). To learn more about Oniris, click here.