Neurophenol: a French-Canadian research program to prevent the cognitive decline, initiated by Activ'Inside.

 The French-Canadian research program "Neurophenol" brings together:

  • Companies specialized in the development of botanical active ingredients: Activ'Inside and Nutra Canada
  • A producer of food supplements for human nutrition: Atrium Innovations
  • A manufacturer specialized in pet ingredients: SPF Diana
  • Scientists from Polyphenols Biotech, researchers from INRA, INAF and INRS-IAF

The synergy of the expertise of the various stakeholders of the Neurophenol project is designed to research, develop and market food innovative products to prevent age-related cognitive decline.

See the video presentation of the project

The Canadian partners

From Laval to Québec: Nutra Canada, Atrium Innovations, Laval University, INAF, INRS-IAF and Fruit d’Or.

The French partners

- From Bordeaux or Aquitaine: Activ’Inside, ISVV, Bordeaux University, Polyphenols Biotech, INRA and NutriNeuro.

- From Bretagne and Pays de la Loire: SPF Diana and Oniris.


October 2015: Partners of the Neurophenol project have participated to the International Conference on Polyphenols and Health (ICPH), in Tours, by October 27-30, 2015.

     -  Presentation done by Dr. Bensalem, ACTIV’INSIDE : « Beneficial effects of the Neurophenol extract on age-related cognitive decline »

     -  Poster from Dudonné et al., INAF-Laval University : « Blueberry-grape synergy for the improvement of oral bioavailability of phenolic compounds in mice: UHPL-MS/MS based targeted metabolomic profiling of plasma and feces »


September 2014: The Neurophenols team was present at the BENEFIQ, an international forum on health ingredients, the september 24-25th 2014 in Québec City.


Juin 2014: Alexandre Dal-Pan, Post-doc researcher at INAF, has participated at ISANH Congress at Lisbonne, the june 5th 2014.


December 2013: Nutrineuro laboratory has participated at the last meeting of the Institute of Nutrition Aquitaine Québec (INAQ), the december 10th 2013, in Bordeaux.


October 2013: Julien Bensalem, ACTIV’INSIDE PhD student linked to NUTRINEURO laboratory, won a Young Investigator Award at the " 6th International Congress on Polyphenols and Health" (ICPH6), in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the october 19th 2013.


May 2013: The Neurophenols Project was awarded for the Prix Agrimip des Lycéens 2013. This award is given to honor collaborative projects between scientific, technological, industrial and organizational large groups and academic research, in France (Aquitaine, Bretagne, Pays de la Loire) and Canada (Québec).